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Hand exercise balls are the perfect tool to keeping your hands healthy and fit.  Many people ignore that the hands are one of your most important parts of your body and keeping them healthy is essential along with the rest of your body.  It's no fun when suffering from conditions of arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or other hand injuries.  Using these balls will help you build strength in your hands keeping them strong and healthy.

The most commonly known hand exercise balls are simple stress type balls.  You squeeze these balls and then release.   These types are okay as long as you have ones that can give you enough resistance to exercise your fingers.  For exercises in both directions, balls with elastic bands are wrapped around the fingers to give resistance while stretching as well as squeezing.

Another type of hand exercise balls are callled Baoding Balls since they were invented in Baoding, China and have been used for centuries.  These type of exercise balls are made of hollow metal or stone  and come in a variety of sizes.  With these balls, you rotate two balls in your hand around each other trying to keep them moving in a steady smooth pace.  They are great for a continuous exercise routine which builds stamina, dexterity, and hand coordination. 

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